Academic Appointments


  • Associate Professor of Classics, Union College (2020 – present)

  • Assistant Professor of Classics, Union College (2014 – 2020)

  • Assistant Professor and Head of the Classics Program, The University of Memphis (2012 – 2014)

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Union College (2010 – 2012)


  • Ph.D. 2010, Yale University

  • M.Phil. 2008, Yale University

  • M.A. 2006, Yale University

  • M.A. 2003, Johns Hopkins University

  • Italian LAUREA (summa cum laude), 2001 Università degli Studi di Pisa. (Dissertation title: Commento a Petronio, Satyricon 100.1 - 110.5, con Thesaurus critico. Pisa. pp. 632. Under direction of G. B. Conte)



  • Res sine Nomine. A Study of the Theory and Practice of Metaphors in Seneca’s Epistulae Morales.(Under direction of Kirk Freudenburg)




  • Fluent in French, English and Italian (native)

  • Trained in Latin and Ancient Greek

  • Reading Knowledge of German and Spanish

Professional Associations


  • SCS (Former APA)

  • CAC

  • CANE

  • CAAS

  • Classical Club of New York

  • WCC

  • SIAC

Research Interests
  • Silver Latin literature

  • Roman Comedy (in particular Plautus)

  • Roman Stoicism

  • Ancient Rhetoric

  • Roman Law

  • Ancient Science and Medicine



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Articles and Book Chapters

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Encyclopedia Entries


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Scholarship in Preparation


  • GAZZARRI, T., "L.A. Cornutus". The Literary Encyclopedia.  (Forthcoming 2019)

  • GAZZARRI, T., Review of Stöckinger, M., Winter, K., and Zanker, A., eds. Horace and Seneca. Interactions, Intertexts, Interpretations. Berlin-Boston, 2017. Gnomon.

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  • GAZZARRI, T., and GELLAR-GOAD, T.  (eds.) “Plautine Elements in Seneca.” (edited volume in preparation)

  • GAZZARRI, T., “Rara Avis: The Phoenix and Seneca’s Appropriation of Egyptian Culture”.

  • GAZZARRI, T., “Hadrian's Animula and Seneca's Consolatio ad Helviam Matrem".


Reviews (invited)
  • Berno, F.R. (ed.), L. Annaeus Seneca. De constantia sapientis: La fermezza del saggio. Studi latini, 92.   Napoli:  Paolo Loffredo, 2018.  Pp. 260.  ISBN 9788899306854. BMCR 2019.08.45.

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Public Presentations
  • Spring 2021 – Bard College. TBD.

  • Jan. 2020 – Albany Public Library. "An Introduction fo Seneca's Moral Epistles".

  • April 2019 – Williams College. Seminar Class on Seneca’s De Constantia Sapientis. A workshop offered to the students in cooperation with A. Wilcox (Williams College) and F.R. Berno (La Sapienza, Università di Roma).

  • Oct. 2018 – Annual GMALL Conference Cycle, Dorset, VT. "Arbor Infelix: The History of the "Unhappy Tree" Method of Execution, from the Time of the Archaic Spells to the Crucifixion of Christ ".

  • Oct. 2018 – Annual CAAS Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, and Jan. 2020, Union College. “Cinaedus Galbinatus. Cultural Perception of the Color "Green" and its Gender Association with Pathici in Rome".

  • Dec. 2017 – Schenectady, NY Public Library. "Seneca: De Costantia Sapientis".

  • Nov. 2017 – Liceo Classico Ginnasio Galilei. "La metafora antica. Seconda parte. Cicerone e Quintiliano".

  • Nov. 2017 – Liceo Classico Ginnasio Galilei. "La meta fora antica. Prima parte. Aristotele e gli Stoici".

  • Oct. 2017 – Sapienza, Università di Roma. "Seneca e la teoria della metafora".

  • May 2017 – International Conference on Intertextuality in Seneca, Organized by the National University of Athens and Hosted by the Swedish Institute of Athens. “Sub Auro Servitus Habitat. Seneca's Moralizing of Architecture and the Anti-Neronian Querelle".

  • Oct. 2015 – Annual CAES meeting, Syracuse, NY. "The Age of Innocence? Parthenoi, Neaniskoi and the Perception of Sexual Risk in Classical Athens".

  • Mar. 2014 – Union College: “Truculentus and the Abrogation of the Lex Oppia" and Oct. 2014, Annual CAAS meeting, Washington DC.

  • Nov. 2012 – Annual TFLTA meeting, Franklin, TN: “The Stomach as a paradigm of moral corruption in Seneca’s philosophical preaching”.

  • Mar. 2011 – University of Cincinnati, March 2012 – The University of Memphis and Nov. 2012 – University of Mississippi, Oxford, MI, “Der Mensch ist, was er is(s)t”. Food, Gender Construction and Moral Teaching in Seneca’s Epistulae Morales”.

  • Mar. 2011 – Union College. “Dying in Silence: The Execution of Women in the Ancient World”.

  • Oct. 2010 – Annual CAAS meeting, Newark, NY and May 2011 American University of Paris: Seneca Philosophus: An International Conference hosted by the AUP and GANPH (Gesellschaftfür Antike Philosophie). “Gender-Based Differential Morbidity and Moral Teaching in Seneca's Epistulae Morales”.

  • Oct. 2010 – Annual CAES meeting, Union College. “The Endless Wait: How Women Should Live According to Roman Poets”.

  • Feb. 2009 – Annual CANE meeting, Boston, MA. “Bald Women with Gout. Engendering Moral Illness in Seneca’s Epistula 95”.

  • Oct. 2008 – Annual CAAS meeting, Princeton, NJ. “κωὐκ ἐθέλοισα – Even Against Her Will. A portrayal of the Latin Sappho”.

  • Sept. 2008 – Departmental Workshop, Yale University, New Haven. “Lesbian Sappho in Latin Poetry”.

  • Apr. 2008 – Graduate Conference, CUNY, New York, NY. “The Philosopher and the Occupatus. The Dialectic of Property in Seneca’s Epistulae Morales”.

  • Jan. 2008 – Annual APA meeting, Chicago, IL. “Property and Interiority: Some Aspects of Juridical Language in Seneca”.

  • Feb. 2004 – Departmental Workshop, Yale University, New Haven. “The Discovery of Tacitus’ Minor Works in the XV Century”.

  • Nov. 2003 – Graduate Conference, The University of Texas, Austin. “Satyricon 101.5: A Case of Irony Regained”.

  • Sept. 2003 – Departmental Workshop, Yale University, New Haven. “Aboard Licha’s ship. Text and Transmission of Satyricon 100.1-110.5.

  • Jan. 2003 – Graduate Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. “Nocte Intempesta: Analysis of Shipwreck Rituals for an Alternative Interpretation of this Expression”.

Service and Events Organized

At Union College​

  • Languages Committee (for the implementation of a curricular college requirement). 2019.

  • SCS (former APA) Panel: "Searching for the Cinaedus in Classical Antiquity". Co-organizer, co-chair and respondent. San Diego, CA 2019.

  • Exhibit on Ancient Roman Glasses (The Carl George Collection)

  • International Symposium on Aristotle: "Virtue and Emotion in Aristotle' Nicomachean Ethics IV.5-9". Panel Chair of Session #4: Wittiness (εὐτραπελία).

  • Committee on LGBTQ+ Affairs

  • Co-founder of the Udig archaeological Initiative

  • Referee for TAPA, CJ, Maia

  • General Education Board

  • Undergraduate dissertation advisor

  • Departmental website development

  • Junior Jump Start

  • Classics Club (Eta Sigma Phi)

  • UCID (Union Coalition on Inclusiveness and Diversity)


At the University of Memphis

  • The David L. Sigsbee Memorial Lectures (creator and director of the series)

  • Classics/Italian Search Committee

  • APA Panel: "Politics by Other Means? Ethics and Aesthetics in Roman Stoicism". Co-organizer, co-chair and respondent. Chicago, IL 2014.

  • Department advisory council

  • Section head

  • Creation of interdepartmental Classics minor

  • Founder of the Classical Club


At Johns Hopkins University

  • The 2003 James Poultney Lecture (Johns Hopkins University). Guest speaker Prof. Froma I. Zeitlin.



Teaching Experience
  • Spring 2010, Union College and Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, The University of Memphis – Intermediate Latin.

  • Fall 2016, Union College – Upper Intermediate Greek.

  • Spring 2016, Union College – Intermediate Greek.

  • Spring 2016, Union College – Roman Drama: from Plautus to Seneca.

  • Winter 2016, Union College – Beginning Greek.

  • Fall 2015, Union College – Performing Gender in Ancient Rome (As a Research Seminar -SRS).

  • Spring 2015, Union College – Roman Satire: an Overview.

  • Winter 2015, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Winter 2010 Union College – Sex and Gender in Classical Greece (both as a research seminar and as a lecture class).

  • Spring 2014, The University of Memphis – Advanced Latin.

  • Winter 2017, Winter 2010, Union College and Fall 2013, The University of Memphis – Pre-Intermediate Latin.

  • Spring 2013, The University of Memphis – Latin Love Poetry.

  • Fall 2012, The University of Memphis – Roman Historians.

  • Fall 2012, Fall 2013, The University of Memphis and Fall 2017, Union College  – Elementary Latin.

  • Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Winter 2016 Union College – Reason and Passions in the Ancient World.

  • Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2018, Union College – Elementary Latin.

  • Spring 2011, Union College – Introduction to Greek Comedy.

  • Spring, 2011, Spring 2012, Union College – Engineering in the Ancient World.

  • Winter 2011, Union College – Entrepreneurship in the Ancient World.

  • Winter 2011, Winter 2012, Winter 2017, Spring 2019, Union College and Spring 2014, The University of Memphis – Capital Punishment in the Ancient World.

  • Fall 2010, Fall 2014 Union College – Reason and Passions in the Ancient World.

  • Fall 2010, Union College and Fall 2013 The University of Memphis – Classical Mythology.

  • Spring 2010, Yale University – Introduction to Latin: Selected Readings. As Teaching Fellow.

  • Fall 2009, Yale University – Latin Prose. (Apuleius). As Teaching Fellow.

  • Spring 2009, Yale University – Western Art from the Renaissance to the 20th Century. As TA for Prof. A. Nemerov.

  • Spring 2009, Yale University – Introduction to Latin Literature. As TA for Prof. K. Freudenburg.

  • Fall 2007, Yale University – Greek Prose, an Introduction. (Selections from Herodotus; Lysias, On the Murder of Eratosthenes; Plato, Crito). As Teaching Fellow.

  • Spring 2007, Yale University – Introduction to Latin Poetry. (Vergil, Aeneid). As Teaching Fellow.

  • Fall 2006, Yale University – The Elements of Latin Grammar. As Teaching Fellow.

  • Spring 2006, Yale University – Intermediate Latin: Review of Grammar and Selected Readings. (Selected reading from Bellum Civile, Bellum Alexandrinum and Catullus). As TeachingFellow.

  • Fall 2005, Yale University – Latin Prose, an Introduction. (Cicero, Pro Archia, Somnium Scipionis; Seneca, Apokolokyntosis). As Teaching Fellow

  • Summer 2003, Johns Hopkins University – Intensive Latin.


Undergraduate Theses and Independent Studies Supervision
  • Marika Contompasis, "The Significance of Luxury Goods: A Diachronic Analysis from Classical Antiquity to Contemporary North-American Society". Winter 2020. (Co-Advisor - Senior thesis).

  • Jeremy Jordan, "A Noble Life: Virtue and Liberty in Aristotle's Political Thought". Winter 2017. (Independent Study).

  • Brian Alebiosou, "A Reconstruction of the Contemporary Campaign Designed to Manifest Social Integration in Pursuit of Increasing Social Mobility". Spring 2017. (Co-Advisor - Senior thesis).

  • Kathryn Evans, "Different Roles, Different Rules: How Liberties and Limitations Varied for Wives and Prostitutes in Classical Athens". Spring 2017. (Main Advisor - Senior thesis). Recipient of the President's Commission on the Status of Women's Senior Scholarly Activity Award.

  • Emily Pastore, "Modern Interpretations of Ancient Roman Mosaics". Spring 2016. (Co-advisor - Senior thesis).

  • Shivangi Mehta, "Democracy and Citizenship in Athens: A Counterintuitive Relationship". Spring 2016. (Co-advisor - Senior thesis).

  • Aurora Butera, "The Theodosian Code". Spring 2016. (Co-advisor - Senior thesis).

  • Anthony LoBrace, "Socrates' trial". Spring 2016. (Co-advisor - Senior thesis).

  • Gianluca Avanzato, "Southern Italy: Ancient Histories and Modern Stereotypes". Spring 2016. (Main advisor - Independent study). Recipient of the Edward Everett Hale Jr. Prize.

  • Andrea Schwartz, "Water and Engineering in the Greco-Roman World”. May 2012. (Main advisor - Senior thesis).

  • Joe Cardino, "War and Taxation in Ancient Rome". March 2012. (Secondary advisor - Senior thesis)

Honors and Awards
  • 2017 - Loeb Classical Foundation Fellowship (35.000 USD)

  • 2016 - CAAS Resource Grant (600 USD)

  • 2011 - IEF Union College Fund (369 USD)

  • 2010,  -11, -14, -15, -16, -17, -18 - Union College Conference Fund (10.468 USD total)

  • 2010, -11, -17, -18 - Union college HFRF Fund (8300 USD total)

  • 2008 - Yale University, John F. Enders Fellowship

  • 2008 - Yale University, Dissertation Fellowship

  • 2006, 2007, 2008 - Yale University, Berkeley, Biddle, Woosley Travel Grant

  • 2003 - 2009 - Yale University, Ph.D. fellowship

  • Spring 2003 - Johns Hopkins University, Teaching Assistantship

  • Fall 2002 - Johns Hopkins University, Research Assistantship

  • 2001 - Johns Hopkins University, Graduate Fellowship

  • 2001 - Università degli Studi di Pisa, Laurea summa cum laude - Full Remission Tuition


2010 - present

2010 - present