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Selection of classes taught at various schools


The classes are divided by school. Some classes, such as language courses, have been taught several times, at multiple institutions. For more details cf. CV



Yale University​



  • Beginning Latin


  • Review of Latin Grammar (selection from Caesar)


  • Greek Prose (selection from Lysias)


  • History of Art


  • Latin Poetry (selection from Apuleius)


  • Latin Prose (selection from Cicero)


  • Latin Literature in Translation


  • Latin Grammar​


Union College​​



  • Classical Mythology


  • Capital Punishment in the Ancient World


  • Ancient Science and Engineering


  • Reason and Emotions in Greece and Rome


  • Latin (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)​


  • Ancient Greek (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)


  • Ancient Roman Theatre (Plautus and Seneca)


  • The Ancient Greek Comedy


  • Sex and Gender in Ancient Grek


  • Sex and Gender in Rome

  • Entrepreneurship in the Ancient World


  • Introduction to Roman Law

  • Latin Satire

  • Virgil's Aeneid

  • Cicero and Seneca



The University of Memphis



  • Roman Historians


  • Elementary Latin


  • Intermediate Latin


  • Overview of Ancient Penal Law


  • Upper-intermediate Latin


  • Latin Love Poetry: Catullus and Ovid


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